About Us

Our Earth PC is a universal host based on IPFS point to point hypermedia protocol storage, Our Earth Chain public chain management digital assets, through intelligent contract for users to formulate rewards and punishment system, intelligent life interconnection.

IPFS connects all the computing devices under the same file system. In a sense, the concept of IPFS is very similar to Web, but in fact, IPFS is more like a bit stream group that can exchange objects at the same Git warehouse. In other words, IPFS provides a high throughput content addressing block storage model and content addressable hyperlinks, thus forming a generalized Merkle DAG (directed acyclic graph). In this data structure, we can set up version control system, block chain, and even a permanent world wide web. IPFS combines the distributed hash table, the incentive block exchange and a self certified namespace. IPFS has no single fault, and there is no need to trust each other.

Our Earth PC is a hardware product based on block chain technology. Through distributed cloud storage and cloud computing, we share idle hardware space and bandwidth to acquire intelligent hardware of digital assets. It has a 120GSSD hard disk storage and a hard disk storage device. With the idle resources provided by the user, it provides a comprehensive and stable CDN service for the Internet service. It provides a series of innovative and valuable services for the download platform, the UGC acceleration platform, the streaming media platform, the dynamic acceleration platform and so on.

The future Our Earth Cloud (the detailed description of "Our Earth Cloud" in the following section) will open more mass service capabilities to provide cloud users with CDN acceleration services that meet the needs of the Internet business more. Users can not only share the idle storage space and bandwidth through Our Earth PC to earn OEC money, but also can easily get community rewards through sharing / sharing content, obtaining OEC currency and sharing technological innovation bonus.

Of course, users can also use Our Earth PC to bring you HD audio-visual audio-visual, combined with human-machine interconnection, enjoy high-end intelligent life.

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