How OE Chain Leads the Future in 5G Era


With the rapid development of global information technology, 5G technology has become a research hotspot all over the world. In addition to the advantages of high data transmission rate, low latency, energy saving, low cost and large system capacity, large-scale equipment connection is also allowed. At present, countries actively formulate 5G strategic development plan and vigorously promote the research and development of 5G related technologies, which is bound to change their lives in the future.

Because through 5G technology, virtual reality, precise positioning, fast transmission and personalized customization services can be realized. But relatively, there will be privacy violations caused by users uploading information through the Internet, such as "killing" the big data technology of the Internet, so personal privacy security believes that when it is really popular in the next 5G era, privacy issues will bear the brunt. How to effectively solve this problem? That's what we have to say - block chain technology.


Block chain technology is a new application mode of computer technology, such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, encryption algorithm and so on. According to the Forbes Global Block Chain Top 50 list in 2019, it can be analyzed that the current Block Chain technology covers finance, insurance, science and technology, food safety, health care, media, transportation, retail and other industries.

With the rapid development of 5G technology and its global application in the near future, it is bound to be unexpected. In this process, block chain technology must be a technology hotspot to promote the construction of 5G network. Official sources say that 5G global coverage will be achieved by 2020, and many revenue operators are already deploying 5G markets, such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Qualcomm and Apple.


Not long ago, Cui Wa, a well-known American host, talked about the changes that 5G technology will bring to the world. pointed out that besides downloading a complete movie in a few seconds, 5G technology, as an emerging technology, will promote economic growth and employment in related industries. At the same time, she indirectly satirized the efforts of some powerful governments to build themselves into the world's largest 5G supplier. Wolf ambition, through cheating and trusting way to suppress some powerful telecommunications equipment suppliers, in order to seek to monitor everyone's privacy through the global layout of 5G technology, is intolerable.


It is well known that the main characteristics of block chain technology are decentralization, untouchable modification, anonymity, openness and transparency. Therefore, it is necessary to believe that block chain technology can solve the development bottleneck of 5G technology.

If the data is monitored, on-line backup, synchronization, download and sharing of files and data provided by the centralized cloud disk for users are of particular importance to privacy and security. Centralized data storage and data flow are easily leaked, stolen or plagiarized. Applications based on these data or the process of uploading files and data will also be greatly affected. Security threats.


—— OE cloud storage proposes that every family or enterprise can be a distributed node, using block chain technology as the underlying architecture, using asymmetric cryptographic algorithm and security hashing algorithm to protect these user identity information, completely separate storage devices from servers, centralize data management, thereby releasing idle bandwidth, improving performance, reducing costs, and protecting asset security. All. Its cost and efficiency are much lower than using traditional server storage, which can provide much higher security and privacy than centralization. It can store/extract file data anytime and anywhere. It is not limited by memory. It can synchronize, high speed and stability in real time with multiple file devices. It provides convenience for users and is not limited by the speed space of public network. This is a high degree of security and tamper-proof recognition that the current centralized infrastructure can not achieve.

OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology is based on the bottom technology of block chain. It stores as the bottom layer, integrates big data, Internet of Things, intelligent life and artificial intelligence, and realizes landing application scenario through OEPC multi-source mining machine. At present, AI solves the problems of intelligent individuals, the Internet of Things solves the problems of information exchange, and block chains solve the problems of group consensus and social contract. At present, it is absolutely the era of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, block chain technology and 5G working hand in hand.

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