OE Chongqing Salon Club Comes to a Successful End


On the afternoon of June 27, the first OEwallet salon sponsored by OE Chongqing Market Team successfully concluded in Chongqing.


This issue of salon around the "OEwallet - multi-currency super wallet (Chongqing Station)" of "Operation Warfare Thousand Miles" in-depth exchanges and sharing. In the course of his keynote speech, Professor Wang Dong of School of Finance and Business explained the advantages of OEwallet Super Wallet and OE Ecology. Mange shared OE Cloud, OEchain and OEPC on OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology so that more people could understand OE Eco-profit model and its future development prospects.

The theme of "OEwallet - Multi-currency Resonant Super Wallet" opened the curtain of this salon. In the course of introducing OE project, Professor Wang Dong analyzed that "OEwallet" is an opportunity for investors from the perspective of individual investors and market team leaders, which is also the best time to enter. In the current encrypted digital money market, when it is warming up, investors can accumulate the initial amount of digital money by hoarding money early in the market or managing money with DAPP, which should be the phrase "hoarding money in bear market, speculating money in bull market".


At the meeting, Mr. Wang Dong introduced the idea of "creating multi-currency resonance" with "no risk in a short time" as the core idea. He explained how OEwallet can help investors to solve the current concerns about "short-term earning and risk control". He objectively analyzed that OEwallet superwallet is different from other DAPP. He pointed out in this speech that OE has a new way and how to make zero-to-allocation ratio. Freedom of wealth can still be achieved. A digital wallet that is superior to any encrypted digital band system.


At the end of the "OEwallet-Multi-currency Super Wallet (Chongqing Station)" Salon of the "campaign for thousands of miles", Professor Wang Dong shared some of his views in this salon. Risk control is the key to investment. From 2017 till now, under the premise of a good team background, other projects with risk models, or projects with unclear vision, are facing a severe situation for all investment institutions and community teams. In OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem and OEwallet 1.0 era, resonance, node and nine matrices all take into account the rights and interests of investors, so that investment returns are stable. At the same time, OEwallet 3.0 era will open other OEwallet ecological applications, such as public welfare, games, shopping malls, currency loans, and so on, and make OE ecology truly applied.

Operations for thousands of miles

OEC-Chongqing Station

Sharing the Successful Closing of Salon

OEwallet Super Wallet-Initiating Multi-currency Resonant Trading

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Thanks again to Mr. Wang Dong

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