Our Earth Team Main Network Test Completion



In the 《OE White Paper》 project mileage column,  Our Earth made it clear that OE team was scheduled to launch the main network test in January 2019. After nearly six months of testing, debugging and perfection, it also solved the problem of OE passport renaming and better maintained the OE brand. At present, OE technology development team is making final preparations for the main network line.

In the later stage, the main network will be implemented by block chain technology such as intelligent contract; open the mine pool, build the main node, access OEwallet, mining machine and other major functions of the test, OE will be iterated at each technical level in the later stage.

At present, the infrastructure of OE network has begun to take shape, which also means that OE has entered a new stage, which is also an important process of OE ecology.

Stimulated by the good news market that OE main network test completed, OE price has risen from $0.00037 at the beginning of the year to $0.020 at present, which is more than 99.9% of the projects on the market since the completion of OE main network test in mid-August.

OE main network is supported by three key technologies: intelligent contract, super node and integrity proof.

Intelligent contract

Intelligent contract based on block chain includes transaction processing and saving mechanism, and a complete state mechanism, which is used to accept and process various intelligent contracts; moreover, transaction preservation and state processing are completed on block chain. Transactions mainly contain data to be sent; events are descriptive information of these data. After the transaction and event information is introduced into the intelligent contract, the resource state in the contract resource set will be updated, and then trigger the intelligent contract to judge the state mechanism. If the triggering conditions of one or several actions in the automatic state mechanism are satisfied, the contract actions are automatically executed by the state mechanism according to the preset information. The construction and execution of intelligent contracts based on block chains can be divided into the following steps:

1) Multi-user participation in the formulation of an intelligent contract;

2) Contracts diffuse through P2P networks and coexist in block chains;

3) Intelligent contract execution of block chain construction;

Super Node

In view of the multi-centralization of OEChain, we draw lessons from the super-node mechanism of EOS and propose an OE consensus based on the integrity proof mechanism. In the traditional DPOS consensus mechanism, the super-node is generated by equity voting. Its core idea is based on that the owner of block chain network equity is bound to be the greatest defender of network interests, so it should also obtain the greatest network benefits. In OEChain, CDN is the biggest maintainer of the network. It must become the super node of the network and share the benefits of network growth. Therefore, in OEChain, CDN providers are natural supernodes. Every time a super node signs an OEChain block, it will get a certain amount of OECoin reward. The reward amount decreases with the increase of CDN nodes in the whole network to avoid inflation in OECoin.

Integrity Proof

OEPC and idle devices are leaf nodes of CDN, contributing CPU, GPU, storage and bandwidth resources to the network, and thus obtaining corresponding OECoin rewards or penalties. Therefore, OEPC and idle equipment need to prove to OEChain that they provide corresponding resources.

We use integrity proof technology to achieve this goal.

OE, aiming at the pain points of the current block chain industry, combines OEPOOL, OEPC, OEwallet and OEcloud with technologies such as integrity certification, super node and intelligent contract to create a unique ecological model and create a top-down ecological closed loop.

At present, OE has made some progress in block chain technology. In view of OE technology team's strong hardware development background and successful experience, we dare to speculate that the OE main network will become a new benchmark of block chain 3.0 when officially launched.

Let's witness the birth of the OE milestone.

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