Review of "Round Table" at OE Anniversary Cocktail


Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯

On September 3, 2019, the OE Anniversary Wine Fair came to a successful conclusion. This OE Anniversary Wine Fair was hosted by Clouds Fund and World Chain Finance and Economics. The purpose of this OE Anniversary Wine Fair is to strengthen the participation of elites in the sector to explore the future direction of OE development, and to thank friends in the industry for their long-term support for OE in the past two years, so as to promote the ecological future of OE. All-round sustainable development provides safe and efficient application scenarios for the application of the bottom technology of block chain, and multi-centralized, efficient and more valuable intelligent life services for users.

After the opening speech by Zhao Changyu, CEO of platform, and OE Mange's technology sharing for OEPC multi-source miners.

Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯

Next, the host invited five top-tier  in the area of block chains to take the stage. Focusing on the existing scale of development, judging the future development trend, the possible problems existing in the development path of block chains, as well as the solutions, how OE is recognized by the market at the technical level, and how the block chains are in China. What is the application prospect? The application of block chains in landing industry involves in-depth discussion.

Here is a review of the roundtable discussions

Block chain security expert: Huang Lianjin, Co-founder of Sandalwood Trading Platform: Dabin, CEO of Platform: Zhao Changyu, CEO of Platform: Fage, Leyi Holdings: Mr. Wang Dong, Director of Block Chain Digger Operations: Tang Chaozheng

The First Shared Guest, Mr. Huang Lianjin

Professor Huang is the chief technical expert of the World Block Chain Organization (WBO) under the United Nations. He is also the CEO and founder of the Distributed Business Application Company of the United States and a member of the Block Chain Expert Committee of the China Electronics Society. He has worked for 18 years at CGI Corporation of the United States and served as Director of CGI Security Technology, Director of CGI Cloud Security and Chief Security Architect. To provide technical advice to the federal government, financial institutions and utility companies on finance, block chains and security.

Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯

He felt that in the current block chain industry, what he considered was how to achieve de-centralization. At the beginning, he pointed out that under the background of the soaring market value of the block chain, the real de-centralization trading scenario was how to ensure the security of user assets, the advent of 5G era and the field of digital identity extension, and its considerable value in the future. In the future, it is pointed out that software and hardware are complementary and indispensable. It is mentioned that Kushen wallet Chen, who cooperates with several exchange directors and OE technology of guests present at the reception, points out how to decentralize, use fragmentation technology, encryption technology, lightning network and so on, regardless of the exchange or wallet. Applications such as digital identity provide an overall security solution around encrypted digital assets, ensuring the security of platform, project side and community user assets.

Zhao Changyu, CEO of ZG Platform, said in his opening speech that the OE Anniversary Reception also heralded the first anniversary of the official operation of the platform. Thank you for your support for OE and At present, ZG is committed to building the world's top digital asset trading platform. Using microsecond high-performance trading technology, operating system core-level security, rich financial derivatives, to provide users with better digital asset derivatives services!

One of the co-founders of Sandalwood Trading Platform, Bin Bin, also congratulated the OE Anniversary Wine Club on the stage for its success. On the stage, he also briefly introduced the Sandalwood (TXB) Trading Platform. The innovative digital asset trading platform established in 2019 for global users is currently operated by a professional team and operated on the technical platform and product branch line. It is a digital asset trading platform with global competitiveness and influence.

Director of Block Chain Nugget Operations: Tang Dynasty Zheng, as a senior player of Block Chain, also expressed his views on the current Block Chain industry. He felt that the current ecological application of Block Chain should be implemented into the practical application, but also pay attention to the role of the community. In his view, the future of the digital asset market is still very good.

Mr. Wang Dong expressed his affirmation of OE at the round table meeting. He had seen Mange demonstrating the mining machine. At the technical level, he absolutely recognized the efforts of Mango team. At the same time, he also supported OE project in landing application and ecological construction. At present, Mr. Wang Dong is the head of OE Global Community Operating Center, in his own belt. Under the leadership, I believe that community size will become the most potential dark horse in 2019!

Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯

Finally, the CEO of ZNN Fage, as the earliest group of OE-oriented investors, in the two years of OE growth, very positive about Mango's people and attitude towards doing things, success sometimes depends on people, people are right, the current cooperation between OE and ZNN is very close, especially OE replacement of the main network pass, and thank Mango. Trust and support!

Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯Clouds Fund联合世链财经主办 | OE周年酒会“圆桌会议”内容回顾-巴士资讯

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