OE Opens the Next Pow Billion Mining Ecology


The representative of OE eco-landing application in full swing: multi-source mining, the first batch of WiFi editions of OEPC, has been pre-sold for the past week. Several new OE market operation centers are actively preparing for construction. The degree of market explosion can be imagined. The future development of OE is boundless!

This year is the new year of OEPC. OE ecology combines 5G era, block chain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data, which provides a broad stage for the future development of OE ecology and more application scenarios, marking a great step forward in the global market of OE block chain ecological construction layout.

OE成为下一个pow挖矿机制生态的一匹黑马 开启千亿挖矿生态-巴士资讯

Recently, POC mining project, which is more popular on the market, has been legendary!

Then you must ask, what is the mining mechanism of OEPC?

OE is the mining mode of PoW certification mechanism.

First of all, let's take a brief look at POW mining:

Bitcoin was proposed by the white paper issued by Nakamoto Cong in 2008, mainly to solve the global financial crisis and avoid inflation (de-centralization, point-to-point trading), which has been 11 years now.

In 2009, Bencong dug out the first bitcoin with his home computer, marking the beginning of the era of eco-mining in the block chain. POW proof of work (POW) mechanism is the first year that the consensus mechanism of block chain was born in block chain ecology.

The most outstanding representative is undoubtedly BTC.

OE成为下一个pow挖矿机制生态的一匹黑马 开启千亿挖矿生态-巴士资讯

POW workload certification mechanism belongs to the distribution according to work, more work and more gain, can not cheat, because there is no way to cheat!

It's like students doing math together in the Bitcoin system. Only when they first calculate the answer can they get a reward. People call the process of calculating and getting rewards as mining, and the people who do mining operations are called miners.

Why should POW be used in OE mining?

Let's take a brief look at the advantages of the POW mechanism

Apart from the above mentioned non-cheating, fairness and impartiality, POW has a high degree of decentralization, and everyone can participate in obtaining the right to account.

For example, the mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Wright coin, Dashi coin, ETC, and coin are all mining mechanisms based on POW workload proof. Except that the algorithm is not easy to crack, everyone can participate in mining fairly.

So OE distributed intelligent cloud is a completely fair, fair, open and equal ecosystem.

In addition, the higher the computing power, the higher the security, the higher the cost of destroying the system. For example, the cost of destroying the BTC network is too high.

Then you have to retort, as if POW is a high-energy miner!

How can OEPC effectively solve these problems???

OE成为下一个pow挖矿机制生态的一匹黑马 开启千亿挖矿生态-巴士资讯

  1. The first terrible electric tiger to bear the brunt

The solution: abundant and cheap electricity?

No No No

The traditional POW mining machine will generate a lot of heat and power consumption in the calculation process. Once the number of mining machines increases, the site will bear a large amount of overload and power consumption. No matter how cheap the electricity price is, the power cost will occupy about 30% of the total cost of digging. When the market falls, Frequent power cuts and blackouts with unstable and inadequate power supply may result in serious losses in small mines and even shut down of the gates, resulting in the tragic outcome of the sale of mining machines.

OE has solved the thorny problem of electricity bills well in advance.

OEPC multi-source mining machine is the embodiment of OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecological landing application. At the beginning of its design, OEPC adhered to the core concept mentioned in the OE white paper: integrating and utilizing idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) to contribute to society. Energy saving runs through the whole process and is well implemented.

This pre-sale WiFi version, power consumption < 20W, users no longer need to worry about electricity bills! Do not fly around like migratory birds to find cheap electricity prices, after all, besides hard work, there are many uncontrollable factors, and the steady income is the kingdom!

OE成为下一个pow挖矿机制生态的一匹黑马 开启千亿挖矿生态-巴士资讯

2. Highly demanding site selection:

Solutions: Nordic, Siberian, Antarctica, Himalayas, Alaska

OEPC "can't help laughing"

Although we all know that POW traditional miners, power consumption, extraordinary high calorific value, in addition to the endless noise. Traditional mining heat dissipation requirements are very important, because if the machine is not good at high temperature heat dissipation environment, it will affect the calculation and shorten the normal service life of the machine. Therefore, Xiaobian jokes about several frozen places, these places perennial low temperature combined with good heat dissipation design of the mine, can effectively ensure that the machine runs in a stable range of work, not to overheat, the machine burns out and fails to idle!

OEPC slogan: National Mining

So OEPC design details have been considered in all directions!

Now we have to talk about the most proud design of OEPC. In addition to the low power design, it is the only mining machine with pure copper radiator in the world. The whole machine radiates heat and has a first-class performance rod, which ensures that the super-long operation is still smooth and the service life is longer and longer.

As for noise, because of the high power consumption and heat generation of traditional POW mining machines, fans can produce high decibels of noise in the process of high-speed operation. Xiaobiao once described the early mines as flying over the sky from the top of the head with bombers, so traditional mines generally choose to be far away from urban areas and prosperous cities.

Most of the traditional mines choose remote areas with low temperature and low cost all the year round to ensure that they do not disturb the people. For OEPC, no matter mining operation or daily logistics, OEPC machine design, no noise, you no longer need to worry about heat dissipation and noise problems when choosing OEPC.

OE成为下一个pow挖矿机制生态的一匹黑马 开启千亿挖矿生态-巴士资讯

3. Other risks of traditional mining

We know that the traditional mine because of the poor stability of heat dissipation and other problems, product design is not perfect, frequent failures, downtime status, the stoppage of the mining machine means the loss of mining revenue, that is to say, all-day monitoring and management, including maintenance of machinery!

Let's figure it out: electricity charges, site rent, manual maintenance, machine costs, and unstable and inadequate power supply, frequent power cuts, poor heat dissipation in the machine room lead to the failure of full-load operation of mining machines, unexpected conditions in operation and maintenance of mines, or frequent rectification or permanent shutdown of state policies in mines, resulting in huge profits and losses.

OEPC mining, no site, no power restrictions, no noise, small size, fast heat dissipation, low power consumption, GPU / CPU mining, covering 99% of the global mining algorithm. The system is highly compatible and avoids product iteration.

At present, the whole block chain ecology, most of the mining mechanism of tightened digital currency are POW, POS and Dpos. Their emergence is originally a technological innovation. In the future, the block chain will be mainly applied on the ground. OE can bring a new world to the POW consensus mechanism by its own strength. Believe that time can give us the answer we want, let's wait and see.

We will continue to work hard in the future.

OEPC Multi-source Miner

There is no limit to the future.

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