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The result of every technological innovation is the expected next depression; every economic recession means that new technological innovation is brewing, and economic recovery and prosperity is imminent. The next technological wave will move the marginal curve to the right and push the human economy to a new height.


I remember the financial crisis in 2008, which affected the whole world, brought about a serious impact on the world economy. The indicators in the whole financial field deteriorated sharply, which affected the stability and development of the economy of the United States and even the whole world, and disturbed the order of people's daily life. In this financial crisis, we can see the capital. There are no principles to seek benefits, such as currency oversupply, subprime crisis, inflation, stock scramble for "Malthusian trap". In our view, the decision of the Federal Reserve at that time decided the policies of central banks around the world, and even the trend of the global economy. So how can the Federal Reserve abandon centralization when it has so much power? How can we avoid the Fed's hegemony by borrowing dollars?


This is the background of Bitcoin's birth.

Bitcoin is a kind of virtual encrypted currency based on de-centralization, using point-to-point network and consensus initiative, open source code and block chain as the underlying technology. It was put forward by "Bitcoin: a point-to-point e-cash system" published by Zhongbencong in 2008. The creation block of Bitcoin was born on January 3 next year. 。 After nearly eleven years of evolution, Bitcoin's underlying technology-block chain has been recognized by the broad market for its decentralization, openness, autonomy, non-tampering, anonymity and traceability.

With the development of block chain technology, the top 500 companies in the world, such as IBM, Microsoft, Ali, Google, Oracle, Softbank and so on, have already seen the future development prospects of block chain, and can solve industry bottlenecks. They are actively starting to deploy block chain technology globally.

Our Earth Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology (OE) is a public chain that integrates large data, Internet of Things, Intelligent Life and Artificial Intelligence with block chain technology as its framework and storage as its underlying layer. OE is currently building a global block chain ecosystem that includes digital passport, digital identity, digital interaction, human-computer interaction and intelligent life.

At the same time, OE is aiming at activating idle equipment over $10 trillion, introducing CDN and OEPC to form a multi-centralized hardware architecture. On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, an OE consensus is proposed based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity proof mechanism, and an OE Chain is established on this basis. On the basis of OE Chain, OE Cloud is built to form OE cloud storage, OE cloud mining pond, OE intelligent life, OE games, OE entertainment, OE copyright and other applications, eventually forming OE ecological closed-loop.


At the same time, OE based on POW certification mechanism guarantees the safety, reliability, stability and impartiality of OEPC multi-source mining machine operation and mining transparency. In addition, OE combines distributed mining with Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, 5G era and distributed storage for the first time around the "distributed" Intelligent Cloud ecosystem. On the basis of the OE Chain consensus, the OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem is transformed into block chain 3.0 era, which is the first ecosystem of landing application. It leads a new direction of distributed storage, distributed mining and distributed intelligent interconnection.

The project has been launched for the past two years, and has been invested by top-level institutions, such as Guanlan Capital, Tianyou Capital, Saturn Capital, Co-Ticket Capital, Source Capital, Asian Block Chain Capital, and consultants: Huang Lianjin, Guo Hongcai, Ma Yongchao and other leaders of the block chain industry to control the overall technology of the project! With BW.com to achieve the layout of overseas markets and ZNN.com to achieve strategic cooperation.

April showers bring May flowers

OE started OEPC research and development from the OE team in 2017, from chip, motherboard, fan, radiator are independent research and design, and in the process of OEPC design, strict requirements for their own, from design to finalization, testing mining performance, and later machine opening, etc. link, OE team has been pursuing excellence!

OE's New Journey

In the first half of 2019, the main network test was completed and successfully launched. The OE mine was officially operated and the OE miner ecological community was announced to be launched globally.


At present, at the technical level, OE has realized the perfect integration of Dpos super-node mechanism and POW mining mechanism for the first time in the world. On the basis of OE consensus, it pioneered the implementation of several OE eco-closed-loop plates one by one, and realized three OE-based technologies, realized data integrity, improved the reliability of the system, supported hierarchical storage and bomb. Sex extensions (node extensions), availability and access efficiency, combined with the introduction of hardware OEPC, will minimize the irresistible factors!

Block Chain 1.0: Bitcoin and related virtual currency;

Block Chain 2.0: Intelligent Contract, represented by Taifang;

Block Chain 3.0: In addition to payment and finance, Block Chain technology has been widely used in other areas, such as security, health, copyright, identity, Internet of Things, AI intelligence, medical care and so on.

Can OE become the age of block chain 3.0?

As mentioned in the above article, OE is a combination of PoW proof mechanism (mining mechanism) and DPoS. Dpos mechanism is related to the distribution of OE accounting rules, accounting rights and related benefits. It relies on the existence of consensus mechanism and transaction costs, and incentives to operate ecologically stable. Build a solid backing, while OE mining POW mechanism; through more effort and more effort to maintain the safe and stable operation of the consensus network, and get awards, further promote the OE value ecological construction, create a 10 billion-level block chain ecological project! 

At present, OE has made a new addition to POW mining mechanism, which solves the problems of high energy consumption, long consensus time and high accounting cost of traditional POW.


OEPC miner produced by OE, innovative thinking launched "multi-source mining, multi-income".

In addition to not consuming a lot of computing resources and energy like Bitcoin, it can also inspire everyone to contribute to storage space, idle broadband, hardware equipment, to integrate resources into zero, maximize the value of resource utilization!

Three highlights of OEPC multi-source mining machine:

Multi-source mining

CPU+GPU+advertising supplement+SP+paid click+game hang-up and other sources of revenue.

Highly compatible

Pre-installed win10 system, covering all functions of the computer host. Such as routers, TV boxes, cloud storage, wireless AP, WIFI and other value-added functions.

Wisdom Center

The point-to-point high security intelligent center built by blockchain technology serves as the intelligent control terminal.

With the completion and successful launch of OE main network test in August 2019, more investors have been optimistic about the future development prospects of OE. OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecology will certainly become one of the outstanding representatives of Block Chain 3.0 landing application ecology in the future. The original intention of OE is to let everyone in the world join OE ecology together to become Block Chain. Application and construction contribute their own strength!

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