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On the morning of 25 th this week, the 2019 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference was solemnly opened in the beautiful town of Yunqi in Hangzhou. At this conference, we can see that the government attaches great importance to the digital economy. In this speech on the theme of "number wisdom", the heavyweight guests present unanimously agreed that today's society is stepping into the era of interconnection of all things. This is an era of digitalization, networking, intellectualization and deep open sharing. In the future, with the landing of technology, it will greatly promote the transformation of social production mode, the reengineering of production relations and the drastic change of life style, which is not the core of block chain technology.

In the one-stop block chain ecosystem created by OE, the white paper clearly states that OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem is to transform technology from white paper and black characters into reality, to enhance the practical experience of technology landing application, to create a one-stop block chain service mode, and at the same time, to make OE come into being through efficient resource restructuring, integration and reuse. In the state circle, all participants can deeply feel the impact of block chain technology on people's lives.

In the long river of time, the rise of every new field is the embodiment of social progress. The characteristics of the block chain technology, such as decentralization, traceability, anonymity and fairness, enable everyone to participate in the re-revolution of the Internet.

At present, "Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Internet of Things" as the cornerstone technology of the fourth industrial revolution, has formed a consensus among large enterprises and governments in various countries. Therefore, if a block chain can not be landed, can not become a real meaning of people can use the application, promote the development of society towards a greener, more inclusive, more fair and just direction, then they will be meaningless technology.

Nowadays, there are not many teams who really do solid work. Only by applying the most advanced technology, can they be a good project for the benefit of the people and the society.

OE is such a practical team.

Our Earth Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology (OE) is initiated by Clouds Found Fund. Most of them are miners. The rest will be distributed in teams, funds, investment institutions, upgrade R&D, etc.


OE is building a global block chain ecosphere including digital currency, digital identity, digital interaction, human-computer interaction and intelligent life. It integrates and utilizes idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) and eliminates the existing trust of both sides of the transaction through block chain and intelligent contract technology. Ren Barrier reduces the cost of credit.

Generally speaking, OE uses block chain technology in cloud storage, cloud mining pond and family wisdom life, which reduces costs and improves the security, reliability and privacy of data. OE will revolve around Internet access, entertainment, HD broadcasting, games, advertising replenishment, full-function routing, distributed nodes, shared storage, shared storage and shared streaming. Quantity, engineering control, intelligent life, mining based on block chain technology ecological incentive mechanism, etc. form Cloud ecological closed-loop, form one-stop service for customers.

At present, the technology of block chain is in the stage of rapid development. Many countries have begun to pay attention to it. Some even hope to occupy the highland of block chain and complete the country's turning overtaking. OE is also exploring the development of block chains.


Our Earth Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology, which has attracted much attention since its establishment, has been following the trend and laying out the block chain. Through block chain technology, OE introduces CDN and OEPC to form a multi-center hardware architecture. On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity certification mechanism, the OE consensus is proposed. On this basis, OEChain is established. On the basis of OEChain, OECloud is built to form OE cloud storage, OE cloud pool, OE wisdom life, OE game, OE entertainment, OE copyright and other applications. Finally, the E ecological closed loop is formed. In this way, users are encouraged to share idle bandwidth, computing resources, storage space and so on, which will activate trillions of dollars of resources. With the user as the core, the pain points in people's daily life can be solved through block chain technology, and a series of consumer demands closely related to users can be solved one-stop. With the development of block chain technology, the support and application scenarios of various countries are more and more close to user needs, the development market of block chain will be more and more broad in the future.

In the tide of "interconnection of all things and wisdom of all things", OE dares to innovate, pursue excellence and stand up to the tide to jointly promote global digital construction. OE has been committed to doing the most potential block chain ecology. While speeding up the use of block chain, we hope that all people will recognize and participate in OE ecological construction.

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