Interpretation of OE Ecological Development Path


"Block chain as a distributed accounting encryption technology, does not rely on additional third-party management agencies or hardware facilities, no central control, in addition to the self-contained block chain itself, through distributed accounting and storage, each node achieves self-verification, transmission and management of information. Decentralization is the most prominent and essential feature of block chain: openness.


In the history of mankind, numerous enterprises are still government agencies. Because of the phenomenon of centralized management, there is a phenomenon of "separation of time and time". For the popularization of communication networks in the rapidly developing 5G era, the application of block chaining technology widens, which provides an efficient solution for enterprises, government and finance, and the 2019 strong list of the 50 global block chains. Interpretation, we can see that the block chain is gradually being taken seriously by the global giants in various fields, its importance is also highlighted.


OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology aims at activating idle devices over $10 trillion, introducing CDN and OEPC to form a multi-centralized hardware architecture. On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, an OE consensus is proposed based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity proof mechanism, and an OE ecological chain is established on this basis. At present, OE is building a global block chain ecosystem including digital passport, digital identity, digital interaction, human-computer interaction and intelligent life.


After the hard work of the OurEarth team, the OE main network has been formally launched in August. At present, OE has shown its head in many block chain projects. In many virtual and real block chain projects, OE has grown into a towering tree in the small seedlings. In two years of R & D and operation, OE has begun to layout overseas markets, and in the first batch of WIFI version of OEPC hot sales, let us See OE for the majority of supporters, submitted a perfect answer, in addition to previous OE cloud storage, OE cloud pool, OE smart life, OE games, OE entertainment, OE copyright applications and other applications, OE is still a little bit in other areas of derivative:


For example: OE cloud health, OE intelligent driving and so on, bit by bit, all aspects, involving all people's clothing, food and shelter, interpretation of OE is about to build the world's first landing application ecosystem.


OE's confidence comes from the strategic cooperation institutions that have been strongly supporting OE, such as Guanlan Capital, Tianyou Capital, Saturn Capital, Co-voting Capital, Source Capital, Asian Block Chain Capital and so on. Thank them for their support for OE.

There is no shortcut to success. If it is necessary, it will be unremitting efforts and innovative development. Therefore, the success of OE is inevitable. Two years of grinding a sword, the OE main network was formally launched in August 2019, and the first batch of more than ten super nodes was opened in the same month, so that more fans of OE ecological construction will be actively involved in the construction of the platform, and the OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem will continue to grow and expand. The dividend, now as long as you hold OE and join it, you can enjoy a generous node reward!

If someone asks, who is the pragmatist in Block Chain 3.0 era?

Absolutely OE.

OE is a pragmatist of "shared economy" - technology and business are closely integrated. At the same time, OE technical team has rich experience in various aspects, and has a large number of community supporters.

OE encourages users to share idle bandwidth, computing resources and storage space through block chain technology, which will activate resources estimated to be worth tens of trillion dollars. The idle bandwidth and CPU resources, such as CDN, storage space, intelligent hardware, home network, enterprise nodes, IDC computer room, data center, etc., which are already idle, redundant or even worthless, can be deployed and utilized in real time by means of cloud computing. By means of adjustment and improvement, the efficiency and efficiency can be improved, the quality can be improved, the cost can be reduced, and the idleness can be satisfied. Re-integration and utilization of physical resources.

OEPC multi-source mining machine is based on this kind of idle computing resources, implementing resource value sharing, any individual, family, enterprise node, IDC room and other terminals can become an "OE (supplier)", sharing their idle equipment resources to the "demand side" to use and obtain OE certificate incentives. Enhance the utilization rate of idle resources, contribute global idle broadband resources, smart devices to those in need, and recycle idle resources and regain new value! The launch of OEPC multi-source mining machine will not only make more people optimistic about OE development prospects, but also help to attract more high-quality users to join the OE community and improve the recognition of the OE community consensus mechanism.

At present, OE super nodes have brought diversified core resources for OE ecological construction, and built a solid backing for the improvement and optimization of OE ecological architecture. In the future, OE will help block chain technology to apply in more application scenarios, accelerate the application of technology in other industries, and promote the healthy and orderly development of block chain ecology. This will introduce more investors to OE Ecology, and further enhance the ecological prosperity of the community. Let users participate in OE ecological governance, build community consensus, and build a one-stop block chain application ecosystem.

Block chain technology gives new choices to all walks of life. Let's sail, swim in the ocean of block chain technology, win-win and share the dividends of the development of block chain technology. It is believed that the market share of OE ecology will be higher and higher in the near future. In the future, OE will contribute its own strength in application services, community construction, and so on. OE will integrate into and support the development of block chain 3.0 era in an all-round way. With the encouragement of OE supporters, OE will keep pace with the times in terms of ecological development, market expansion, community construction, product research and development, and achieve a new world.

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