OE Creates Diversified Patterns


With the attention of world-class enterprises in various countries to the technology of block chain, the construction of block chain ecology is becoming more and more perfect, the users'vision is more professional and more critical, potential projects are rising gradually, and the market quota is no longer dominated by several companies. OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecology aims at activating idle equipment exceeding $10 trillion by introducing CDN and OEPC to form a multi-centralized hardware framework. Structure. On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, an OE consensus is proposed based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity proof mechanism, and OEChain is established on this basis.

On the basis of OEChain, OECloud is built to form OE cloud storage, OE cloud mining pond, OE intelligent life, OE games, OE entertainment, OE copyright and other applications, and ultimately form OE ecological closed-loop.


The foundation of OE ecosystem is built on OECloud based on OEChain and OEPC.

OECloud: Integrating and utilizing idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) to contribute to society.

OEChain: Building based on block chain technology is the basic guarantee of OECloud automatic and safe operation.

OEPC: As the basic support of OECloud, it has powerful processing performance to meet various mining needs, reliable distributed storage nodes, human-computer interaction and experience intelligent life.

OE is building a global block chain ecosystem that includes digital passport, digital identity, digital interaction, human-computer interaction and intelligent life.

OEPC, the cornerstone of landing application of OE ecology, has come into everyone's eyes.

It has four advantages: brand advantage, product advantage, system advantage and technology advantage, which makes it self-contained in the mining machinery circle.


At present, the OE market mainly promotes the WIFI version of OEPC multi-source mining machines.

With Intel's latest nanochip, it has small size, low power consumption and high processing performance. Furthermore, it is compatible with multi-threaded operating system and software, which reduces the idle time of CPU, improves the performance of processor and improves the running efficiency of CPU.

The stability of Win10 (Home for Home) system has been recognized in the industry. Excellent stability, mandatory updates, game functionality, better compatibility, with the support of the full platform model, in order to enhance the product experience for users.

It supports high connection rate, original built-in Bluetooth wireless two in one module, wireless Bluetooth and wireless network card.

The world's first mining machine fins used custom pure copper materials, smooth appearance, neat, generous shape, super silent, OE first selected the fins as pure copper, specially customized, and formally applied to the mining machine, made a pure copper sheet cooling system, is the quality assurance of OEPC mining machine. Although the processing is difficult, the quality is heavy and the cost is very high, on the one hand, it shows the noble status, on the other hand, it is conducive to heat dissipation, and also ensures that the radiator can have a larger contact area with the air, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect.


The Most Source Mining in the World

Our Earth platform profit model is more healthy and stable, with a sustainable development trend. Our Earth collection can be distributed to maximize the computing power, through the implementation of mining tasks to obtain sustained revenue; and users can access remote encrypted data, investors can also obtain sustained revenue according to time or specific traffic.

Our Earth can also provide CND services while opening up its cloud services, achieve sustained revenue generation for investors by publishing content, and realize the cash flow operation of publishing content. In addition, in the closed-loop mode, whether it is advertising investment or game extraction, intelligent AI product mall sales, etc., are sustainable and stable investment income points.

(1) Distributed mining with CPU and GPU

OE collects the computing power of CPU and GPU of distributed OEPC, collects great computing power, carries out the task of virtual currency mining, and obtains the pass revenue.

(2) Providing Distributed VPN Service

Accessing remote data through OE system, all data are encrypted, and users pay VPN fees according to time and flow.

(3) Providing CDN distributed nodes

OE is dedicated to one-stop solution of cloud computing, big data and CDN. It provides one-stop VOD and live broadcasting services for video applications, including content acquisition, upload acceleration, storage, transcoding/screenshots, yellowing service, CDN distribution and player. Not only through the CDN service itself, and then open the entire cloud services, create a video publishing platform, through its content to create value and profit.

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