Solemn statement on malicious defamation of OE



Our earth Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem, or OE for short, is a public chain based on blockchain technology, with storage as the bottom layer and integrating big data, Internet of things, intelligent life and artificial intelligence. In 2017, the project was formally established, prepared and started. In August 2019, the OE main network was officially launched. The certificate of OE was issued by the clouds foundation registered in Delaware in 2017, and has been online for more than two years.

Man Ge (Zhang Kai), a senior miner and hardware engineer, is a developer of OE ecological application equipment (mining machine), and has not participated in the overall operation and planning of the project by the foundation. The technology research and development team led by him is mainly aimed at the ecological landing application and supporting software development field of OE miner in the blockchain field.

Recently, when an individual conducts free trade OE pass on a registered exchange, he / she makes a loss due to his / her own speculation, and then maliciously slanders and discredits the OE project party and operation team. When major exchanges are registered, there are risk reminders such as "the increase and decrease of encrypted digital currency investment is large, the risk is very high, so it is necessary to be cautious when entering the market, and have sufficient risk control ability", and KYC certification is also required. All procedures are in accordance with the laws and regulations of each exchange in the place of registration.

For those communities and individuals with ulterior motives, they used market value factors and other unnecessary charges to provoke, rumor, threaten and intimidate OE project parties. The clouds foundation, which strongly condemns this kind of bad behavior, must immediately stop infringing on OE and damaging reputation.

To this end, the foundation has reserved all evidence and the right of access to justice. Cloud foundation thanks you for your support for OE for a long time. The slogan of OE has not changed: let everyone in the world enter the OE ecosystem! We will do better!

Clouds Foundation

December 30, 2019

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