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                   In the information age, Internet technology is increasingly updated, which has greatly changed people's work and lifestyle. The blockchain technology that relies on Internet technology has emerged in the past two years, showing an explosive development trend and becoming another technological innovation after human beings following Internet technology. As blockchain technology is in full swing in mainland China, more and more companies and institutions are investing in the research of blockchain technology, and various products have mushroomed. Among them, Our Earth stands out among many products with its own unique advantages, and even became an outstanding representative of the blockchain technology 3.0 era.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Human History: Blockchain Technology
Due to its extensive and profound influence, the current blockchain technology has been praised by people from all walks of life both at home and abroad as the fourth industrial revolutionary technology in human history. In foreign countries, various application products based on blockchain technology are emerging one after another. Media, scientific research institutions and senior industry leaders pay close attention to the development of blockchain technology. Government departments in developed countries such as the United States and Japan have actively promoted the upgrading of blockchain technology, and the payment system of virtual pass has come to the forefront, leading the global business field. In Europe and other countries, there has even been a community consensus mechanism for promoting the development of blockchain technology, such as blockchain banks as typical encrypted banks.


Our Earth: blockchain technology 3.0 era representative
Since the birth of blockchain technology, it has experienced the 1.0 era of cryptocurrency and the 2.0 era of Ethereum smart contract. So far, Our Earth has realized the demand of blockchain technology in the 3.0 era. The original intention of Our Earth is to activate the idle equipment resources around the world, so as to meet the needs of online users through the use of landing technology, which can reduce the marginal cost, improve the efficiency of information and resource circulation, and drive the virtual network with reality. The link to the world. This has also become the biggest mission of Our Earth in the blockchain 3.0 era. As an outstanding representative of the blockchain 3.0 era, Our Earth is expected to create "Alibaba" as a blockchain.


Our Earth technology leads the new era of China's economy
With the development of economic globalization, the blockchain technology relies on the convenient and developed interconnection network throughout the world and in different industries, thus accelerating the development of blockchain technology. At present, the sharing economy and the circular economy model with the participation of artificial intelligence technology, cloud computing and blockchain technology are affecting people's work and lifestyle all the time, which also stimulates the new China in the information age. With a new attitude, I ran into the new economic era of the blockchain. As the representative of China's blockchain economy era, Our Earth has a mature business operation model. Our Earth mainly uses a one-stop closed-loop business model, in which the user becomes the main body and the user's needs become dominant. Based on the Our Earth chain, the Our Earth cloud storage, the Our Earth cloud pool, the Our Earth copyright. The Earth Earth entertainment game and Our Earth's smart life form a cloud ecosystem that covers digital currency, human-computer interaction, digital assets and smart life services. Therefore, in the closed circulation ecosystem of Our Earth, the user's needs can be met, the idle equipment resources can be effectively utilized, and even the cash, dividends, etc., the multi-profit mechanism greatly attracts more The enthusiasm of multiple users.
It can be said that in the era of blockchain economy, the closed cloud ecological closed loop constructed by Our Earth has lived all the idle resources in the world and has broad market development prospects, which is bound to lead China's new economic era:the blockchain economic era .


"Alibaba" to create blockchain: good development in the futureIn fact, Alibaba can be called the representative of the landing application technology, but compared with the Oil Earth developed by Zhejiang Hao Chain Technology Co., Ltd., there are still technical deficiencies. In the era of blockchain economy, blockchain technology has become a core element in order to truly promote the coordinated development of China and the world economy. Our Earth will provide a series of solutions for the users to truly meet the various needs of users. The technology integration solutions include financial entertainment, supply chain, manufacturing, medical health, food, government services and smart family life. . Our Earth can provide distributed mining tasks for CPU/GPU, and can also provide distributed VPN tasks, game distribution and advertising malls, smart life tasks and other multi-integrated profit models. In this mode, any idle resources will be Transforming into actual production feedback users, thus promoting the continuous development of users' personal and business operations.
In addition, Our Earth mainly uses the data integrity verification method based on the jump table, which is more secure in the data interaction process, which helps to dispel the concerns of users and investors. In the closed-loop mode, Our Earth will deeply bind new and old users, and comprehensively enhance the user experience, thus expanding the market influence of Our Earth.
It can be said that the future development of Our Earth is limitless, and the “Alibaba” that revitalizes the world's idle resources to create blockchain will become a reality!

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