OE (OurEarth) OEPC: multi-source mining, global wisdom interconnected and shared. Small appearance, saving space. The design of hollowed-out border makes it convenient for users to expand access to various devices. Configuration performance Overview Our Earth PC preinstalled Win10, The hardware collocation is the latest Intel I54210Y14 nanometer microprocessor, 4G dynamic memory, 120GB solid state storage, integrated gigabit double network card, wireless WIFI, wireless Bluetooth, 4G network card slot, integrated high-definition camera, microphone and other mainstream hardware development. The emergence of smart life OEPC, so that whether home or office, electronic devices as if there is a life to follow your command, mobile phone App connection, can work at home to achieve multi-scene interaction: electronic devices, Control, data collection, collation, feedback, through the in-depth integration of content, to provide users with customized intelligent life content aggregation and service platform. Data storage fast, safe, efficient Internet of things makes our lives become intelligent and convenient, in which the biggest effect of OEPC is to debroker, decentralized services, so as to protect the data of users and provide a safe operating environment. Mining machines can make steady gains without manual management. Through the deep integration of the content, OEPC provides users with a customized new entertainment content aggregation and service platform, as well as the most perfect peripheral ecology in the industry, to meet various mining needs, can achieve human-computer interaction, experience intelligent life. Bright spot 1. 4G wireless, no distance limit, full HD transmission, delay less than 2 seconds. 2. Shared storage, unified management of data. 3. A game traffic distribution platform based on block chain technology is established to make the game operators understand the user behavior clearly. 4. Bluetooth, wireless applications, data transmission can be at any time between the main equipment and other devices in the way of rotation fast conversion. 5. With COM interface, more external devices are supported, and the cost is low. Good box, OE makes OEPC, craftsman's heart.

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