Main Functions and Profit Sources of OE


OE will focus on Internet access, entertainment, high-definition broadcasting, games, advertising replenishment, full-function routing, distributed nodes, shared storage, shared traffic, engineering control, monitoring, intelligent couplet of things, intelligent driving, mining based on block chain technology ecological incentive mechanism, dedicating to equipment "one-stop" service, creating an intelligent cloud ecological closed-loop.

OE closed-loop mode provides corresponding products to meet a series of related consumer needs. Closed-loop mode is simply "one-stop" service. There are great differences between the whole industry chain model and the closed-loop model; the whole industry chain model is product-centered, the upper, middle and lower reaches are all-in-one, and it is vertical; its advantage is to improve operational efficiency and control product quality throughout. The closed-loop mode is a one-stop solution to a series of closely related consumer needs, which is horizontal; its advantage is to enhance the user experience, and to bind users in depth.

OE wallet and application DAPP are put into use formally, forming the Earth Mall. OEC as the only pass of the system, the primary circulation of OECoin will revolve around a series of related consumer needs of users, users can enjoy OE "one-stop" wisdom life experience.


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