OE blockbuster, the world is boiling


What kind of miner can stand out among the endless miners? Today, with the flourishing development of the block chain industry, it arouses a ripple. It opens a new chapter in the application scenario of the new block chain technology landing. It is her OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem.

She built a global block chain ecosphere including digital passport, digital identity, digital interaction, human-computer interaction and intelligent life. The integration and utilization of idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) contributes to the society. Based on block chain technology, OE has powerful processing performance and meets various mining needs. Simply speaking, OE is based on block chain bottom technology and stored as the bottom layer, integrating big data, Internet of Things, intelligent life and artificial intelligence, and realizing landing application through OEPC.



01. Matched with Intel's latest meter chip

It is equipped with Intel's latest I5 14 nano microprocessor, dual-core four-wire 4 GB DDR3 RAM, small size, low power consumption and high processing performance. Furthermore, it is compatible with multi-threaded operating system and software, which reduces the idle time of CPU, improves the performance of processor and improves the running efficiency of CPU.

02. OEPC Mining Machine Assembly Win10 System (Home Edition)

Our Earth PC WIFI (Wireless Version) is equipped with Win10 system. The system stability has been recognized in the industry. It has excellent stability, mandatory updates, better game functionality, better compatibility and full platform mode with support, in order to enhance the product experience for users.

Biometric Recognition and Search Functions: Multi-desktop applications, taskbar fine-tuning, notification center, command prompt window upgrade, file resource manager upgrade, new Edge browser, planned reboot, setup and control panel, enhanced compatibility, optimized support and perfection for solid-state hard disk, biometric, high-resolution screen, etc. Further improvements and optimizations have been made in terms of ease of use and safety. New technologies such as cloud services, smart mobile devices and natural human-computer interaction are integrated.


03, WiFi, Bluetooth

Supporting high connection rate, original QCWB335 dedicated built-in wireless Bluetooth two-in-one module, wireless + 4.0 Bluetooth semi-high wireless network card,

Interface specification: MiniPCI-e half-high (2.5X3CM)

Wireless support 802.11 B/G/N, wireless support 11N

Bluetooth supports 4.0 standard and is downward compatible with 3.0, 2.1, 2.0

Speed 150M, support 2.4G network


04. The First Mining Machine Radiator in the World: Customized + Pure Copper

OEPC miner fan, smooth appearance, neat, generous shape, silent type, the speed of heat conduction of fan is determined by the material of the heat conducting sheet of the fan, so the material quality of the radiator has a decisive role in the heat conduction performance. Therefore, OEPC should pay attention to the thermal conductivity of the fan heat conducting sheet when customizing the fan. Among the materials with good thermal conductivity, copper is chosen as the metal with good thermal conductivity. Because copper is used to customize the heat sinks, the heat dissipation effect will be very ideal. But copper is stronger, difficult to process, heavy in quality and high in cost. The reason why OEPC's WIFI series motherboard will choose pure copper for customization on the heat sinks of Beiqiao chips is that it shows nobility on the one hand. On the other hand, it is conducive to heat dissipation. It also ensures that the radiator can have a larger contact area with the air, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect.

For the first time, OE chooses the radiator as pure copper, specially customized, and formally applies it to the mining machine. It has made a pure copper sheet cooling system, which is the guarantee of the quality of OEPC mining machine.

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