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Last year, in the 2018 LOL global finals, iG crushed FNC 3:0 in the finals and won the 8th championship in seven years!

High-energy early warning ahead, IG really won the championship!

At that time, the whole net was brushing the dynamics of the championship

There was a little episode.

IG won the championship, but LOL official only sent 50QB and limited skin?

What is unbearable? In the end, Principal Wang can't help himself.

Wang Sicong personally recovered justice for IG, LOL official compromise, IG won the first page, filling in the championship activities.

But the reward can be summed up as a sentence, giving a random free skin.

Even the clothes were followed by a wave of fever: a half-price event.

This year

Game 3, March 30, 10th week of the 2019 LPL Spring Round

The regular season of LPL 2019 spring season is now settled.

Eventually qualified for the playoffs.

The first three are FPX, IG and TOP, respectively.

RNG and EDG also locked tickets several rounds in advance.

JDG, WE and SDG compete for the remaining three tickets

But one thing is for sure: this year's playoffs will be quite exciting.


Move out of my way

Now Xiaobian is going to do his best.

Stand away and be careful to hurt you.

If you haven't played or are already experienced players, you still need to play a lol to the computer city, or the online mall to assemble a computer host, you can see that, also consider frequent business trips, occasional trips, or the inconvenience of traditional desktops, laptops will card, then look at it.

Look right, that's it.

This object has compact size, low power consumption, good processing performance, compatible with multi-threaded operating system and software, reduces idle time of CPU, improves processor performance, and also improves CPU operation efficiency, excellent stability, mandatory updates, game function performance, better compatibility, with the support of the platform-wide mode, in order to enhance product experience for users. It also has HDMI high-definition video line interface, which can link the home TV display screen together and make the vision more shocking.

Our Earth PC WIFI Edition

Hardware collocation is

Assembly Win10 system, Intel's new i5 14 nanoprocessor, 4G dynamic memory, 120GB solid-state storage, Gigabit dual network card, wireless WIFI, wireless Bluetooth, 4G Internet port, high-definition camera, microphone, COM expansion and other mainstream hardware

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