Application Scenarios at Block Chain Technology


At present, some industry leaders in the block chain divide the block chain into four levels: distributed accounting, value transmission network, pass incentive system and asset digitization. They believe that the front layers are the foundation, and the more complex and flexible those layers are, the higher the corresponding risks will be. At present, people all agree that block chain technology should be applied to practical scenarios.

The basic characteristics of block chains are decentralization, openness, transparency, anonymity and untouchability, based on which we can do distributed accounting.

For example, in the past, when placed on centralized servers, people would worry about various distrust problems. Block chain technology opens a new direction. Increasing credibility improves collaboration efficiency, while Xiaobian has always thought that Internet transmission is also a value transmission.

However, relying on the centralized way to achieve value transfer, has a centralized credit problem, and needs the support of the government, institutions, enterprises, there are many disadvantages of high cost. However, the important function of real value transfer is that only the transferee can have value, and the transferor will no longer have value. Delivery and transfer of useful goods recognized by both parties to the transaction. It can be a legal currency, a virtual digital currency, or a proof of property rights. It can even be any virtual object accepted by both sides and so on.

I'll give you a sum of money. The money on my side must disappear. You have another sum of money there. That's the value transfer. Value must be precisely increased or decreased between the parties to the transaction. There is value transmission on distributed account books. Users can use stable currency and legal digital currency. It is good to keep the value stable in the network transmission.

It enables all participants to store information without the need for central nodes to prove it. Moreover, trust in block chains is machine trust based on mathematical principles, without human trust.

If the steam engine releases people's productivity, electric power solves people's basic living needs, and the Internet has completely changed the way of information transmission, then the block chain as a trust-building machine will probably completely change the way of value transmission in the whole human society.


Passport incentive system:

"Block chain technology can stimulate new opportunities, promote the creation and transaction of social value, and make the Internet change from information Internet to value Internet."

- The World Economic Forum White Paper "Potential to Achieve Block Chain"

They are used to prove the rights of the agreement (application) itself, the right to use or ownership, and have intrinsic value.

Encryption, authenticity of passports, tamper-proof modification, privacy protection and other capabilities are guaranteed by cryptography.

Contributors of the protocol (application) are directly licensed and can be indefinitely split based on their contributions to the protocol.

Because the passes are all on the block chain, they greatly enhance liquidity and can easily be converted into any Legal currency.


The community ecology based on the passport is very helpful for the establishment, maintenance and application of the protocol. Protocol creators, protocol users and protocol validators work together to promote the completion of the protocol around the pass. The protocol creator creates the original token based on the protocol while creating the protocol, and keeps some passes for his own and future development. This is a great way to motivate creators: if the agreement succeeds, the pass will appreciate.

Capital circulation has been accelerated and the value of assets has been increased. In the era of asset certification, the more important thing is the use value of assets, and certification is the best medium for the transfer of use value. Value Internet will lead to massive transactions, and passport is the medium of value exchange of digital assets. Passport makes the value transmission of digital assets on the Internet more secure, transparent, efficient and low-cost.

Like OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem, his application scenario, or the reason why he was born, just meets these two points. Our Earth Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem aims at activating idle equipment exceeding $10 trillion, introducing CDN and OEPC to form a multi-centric hardware architecture.

On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, an OE consensus is proposed based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity proof mechanism, and OEChain is established on this basis. On the basis of OEChain, OECloud is built to form OE cloud storage, OE cloud mining pond, OE intelligent life, OE games, OE entertainment, OE copyright and other applications, and ultimately form OE ecological closed-loop. The goal of OE is to encourage users to share idle bandwidth, computing resources and storage space through block chain technology, which is just beyond the reach of traditional network technology.

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