OEPC multi-source Mining machine make easy profits


How can OEPC multi-source Mining machine make easy profits

Nowadays, driven by economic pressure, many people are busy every day. How to make themselves "lie down and earn" has become a dream. Xiaobian also wants to have such a life. Although there will be no pie drop in the sky, after all, the probability is very small, but this is not going to happen, because there is a sentence: "Don't give up your dream, in case it comes true?"

OEPC of OurEarth Distributed Intelligent Cloud Ecology is a magic weapon of "lying down and earning" - Intelligent Diversified Miner. Simply understood is to encourage users worldwide to share idle resources such as bandwidth resources, computing resources and storage space of home computers and smart devices through block chain technology.

Let's go on and see if it's true.

Why is OE multi-source Mining machine called OEPC?

Home broadband, computers and smart devices worldwide are worth more than $10 trillion. The average usage of home broadband, computers and smart devices is only 2.4 hours.

By using block chain technology to encourage users to share idle bandwidth, computing resources and storage space, CDN and OEPC are introduced to form a multi-center hardware architecture. On the premise of multi-centralized hardware architecture, an OE consensus is proposed based on DPOS super-node mechanism and integrity proof mechanism, and OEChain is established on this basis.


On the basis of OEChain, OECloud is built to form OE cloud storage, OE cloud mining pond, OE intelligent life, OE games, OE entertainment, OE copyright and other applications, and ultimately form OE ecological closed-loop.

Ultimately, we will activate trillions of dollars of resources. Why not make full use of its value resources? OEPC can be said to be a shot is to kill all miners secondly, home must make money artifact.

OEPC integrates and utilizes idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) by sharing family idle broadband, computing resources and storage space. OEPC contributes to society and is also a small helper in making money.

Before entering the experience of OEPC mining, we should first open the box. In packaging, OEPC is mainly simple, simple, and unique. The official standard includes one OEPC host, one dedicated power adapter and one HDMI high-definition multimedia video wiring.


At present, the WIFI version of OEPC mining machine adopts Win10 operating system and software, 120G solid-state hard disk and 4G dynamic memory, with Intel's latest I5 14 nano microprocessor, dual-core four-wire, 4GB DDR3 RAM, integrated Gigabit dual network card, wireless WIFI, wireless Bluetooth, 4G network card slot, integrated high-definition camera, microphone and other mainstream hardware expansion.

Small size, ultra-low power design, low power, the use of mainstream chips CPU and GPU, reduce idle time, improve processor performance and enhance operational efficiency. On the basis of introducing CDN and establishing and covering the existing Internet, it avoids the bottlenecks and links that may affect the speed and stability of data transmission on the Internet, makes content transmission faster and more stable, solves the congestion of Internet network, and improves the response speed of users to visit websites.


The appearance is delicate and compact, full of high-tech elements, no matter where they are placed, gold will shine. After all, it should have relied on talent to eat. It accidentally relies on face value. OEPC's body adopts a frosted panel with super-strong texture. The world map relief and the logo of "OurEarth" LOGO can be clearly seen in the middle of the front of the machine.

In the aspect of interface design, OEPC's designers have a big brain hole. They are really putting practicality into real life, such as adding wings to tigers. In addition to network interface, power interface, USB interface, mobile hard disk transmission, speaker, microphone, HDMI HD video interface. In practical applications, it is easy to use and multi-interface design meets each user's different needs.


The back of OEPC adopts pure copper single fan heat dissipation design. The fan has smooth appearance, neatness, generous shape, quiet, environmental protection and energy saving, and the permanent work is not hot. In addition, the position on the other side of the back is indicated by the power, current and voltage of the OEPC. OEPC WIFI Edition Series in order to make the miner run better, bring more calculation benefits, reduce machine loss and energy consumption, OEPC motherboard will choose pure copper material with strong heat conductivity on the radiator of Beiqiao chip, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and ensure that the radiator has a larger contact area with air, thereby enhancing the heat dissipation effect. It can bring a large amount of heat energy generated by CPU and CPU operation to the surface, so that a large amount of heat energy can quickly spread to the copper extrusion radiator and be taken away by the fan's rotation.

Wow, full of high technology.

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