Want to have a mine, buy OEPC Mining machine


Do as one wishes, how can we make mine in our family? Now you can have a small mine of your own right away.

Appearance: small and delicate, unique shape, simple and generous pattern

OEPC multi-source miner fuselage, compact and portable, the external size of 180 mm x 33 mm, almost the same size as the home router, placed in the home does not occupy any place, although the use of all plastic fuselage design, but its grinding texture, hands-on feeling is still very good.

Accessories, HDMI HD Video Wire, Body and Adapter

The front of the fuselage has our Earth Logo and relief design of the world map.

There are mobile hard disk transmission, speakers, microphones, Bluetooth, wireless applications, network interface, power interface, and different types of USB interface, HDMI HD video interface, COM interface.

Side and back (heat dissipation vent)

In terms of appearance, OEPC multi-source miner is very simple, clean, compact and portable. Whether it is to be carried or placed anywhere in the home, it will be very convenient. Especially in terms of weight, it is really very light. According to different users'preferences, the government has designed a variety of colors to choose from.

OE Dapp: One-click control, easy management

OEPC multi-source mining machine is easy to use, easy to master, one-button braking, the first thing we need to do is to insert our OEPC multi-source mining machine special adapter, OEPC presale is OEPC WiFi version, so to connect the broadband at home. Next, download and install OE Dapp on your mobile phone. Each mining machine has its own MAC address. Fill in all the information and bind the mining machine. Then you can experience what it is like to have mine in your home.

The function and richness of DApp based on block chain technology of OEPC multi-source mining machine not only has mining application, but also can act as a mining application.

Monitor (High Definition Camera, Microphone, Create Decentralized Material Federation, Know the Site Dynamics anytime, anywhere)

Routing (Providing Full-Function Router Function, Entering and Outgoing Networks, Wireless Cable)

High Definition Audio-Visual (Enjoy timely and massive network blockbusters anytime and anywhere)

OE Cloud Copyright (guaranteeing that all kinds of copyright are not infringed through block chain traceability and non-tampering characteristics)

OE Cloud Entertainment/Game (Used Developer Mode, Accessed More OEChain-based Entertainment Dapp, Enjoyed Diversified Entertainment Game Experience)

OE Cloud Storage (Super Large Capacity, High Security Private Cloud Disk Storage, Easy Storage of Important Documents)

OE Big Health (Motion Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Bluetooth Headset, Intelligent Reminder function as a whole, rich in functions, data transmission, OE cloud computing, to ensure data authenticity, security and efficiency)

OE Intelligent Driving (From Software and Hardware Innovation to Driving Experience Upgrade with the Power of Technology and Data)

Performance: Infinite Expansion, Extreme Speed Experience

In terms of functionality, OEPC multi-source miner is equipped with Intel's latest I5 nano microprocessor, 4G dynamic memory and 120GB solid-state storage. Relatively speaking, such equipment has laid the foundation for user's good experience. In addition, in terms of interface, integration of Gigabit dual network card, wireless WIFI, wireless Bluetooth, 4G network card slot, high-definition camera, microphone, serial port and other mainstream development, enhance practicability.

In order not to affect broadband speed, OEPC multi-source miner introduces CDN, and integrates Gigabit dual network card with home broadband connection. Mobile DAPP uploads and downloads photos, videos and other content without affecting the synchronization of other miner applications.

The most important security

For such OE encrypted computing based on block chain technology, such as decentralization, traceability and so on, intelligent contract and integrity proof protect file system, so that you do not need to worry about privacy disclosure, so that every data is fully protected and data security is guaranteed. Ensure user privacy and security.

Lastly, the user purchases OEPC intelligent hardware equipment (multi-source mining machine) and activates Token reward scheme. By contributing idle bandwidth, storage space, intelligent equipment and other computing resources, OE rewards obtained according to OE Token production rules can be exchanged and shared in OE cloud mall, such as idle broadband, storage space and other related resources, to obtain membership privileges of video websites, network acceleration. Cloud storage, content sharing, OE cloud entertainment, OE cloud games and other services are equivalent to buying a miner without spending money.

Delicate and compact body, light weight control, safety performance and excellent, unique appearance design, you are still watching what, hurry up to action, want to have a mine, first buy OEPC multi-source miner!

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