High-power mining has been listed as a phase-out i


High-power mining has been listed as a phase-out industry, so let's see how powerful OEPC is

On April 8, according to the website of the China Development and Reform Commission (CDRC), the NDRC issued an announcement for public consultation on the Catalogue of Guidance for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2019 edition, draft for comments).


Article 6 states clearly that the other items in the third category of elimination are included in the editorial.


Virtual money "mining" activities (the production process of virtual money such as Bitcoin) are listed in the elimination category.

However, there is no time limit or plan for phasing out after the virtual currency "mining" activities.

In addition, the draft is clear that the year in parentheses after the entry is the phase-out period; the items with the phase-out plan are eliminated according to the plan; the items with the unmarked phase-out period or the phase-out plan are eliminated or eliminated immediately by the state industrial policy. However, there is no time limit or plan for phasing out after the virtual currency "mining" activities.

Why should mining be included in the elimination catalogue

Let's talk about how encrypted digital money came into being.

Mining, the process of calculating the location of bitcoins and acquiring them using computer hardware, is called mining. It can also be considered that mining is to confirm that virtual currency transactions need to run complex operations, miners can use computers to perform these operations, and then get a virtual currency reward. The higher the computer configuration, the faster the calculation speed, the more encrypted currency they will get, and the more profits they will get.


In mid-2008, Bitcoin founder Nakamoto used his computer CPU to build a "founding block", digging out the first batch of Bitcoins, and then 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two pizzas. By 2017, Bitcoin had soared to $20,000 a piece. Bitcoin became the gold in the encrypted digital currency. The market price is still a myth. With the increasing market acceptance and the participation of more and more miners, with the reduction of computing power and the increase of difficulty, the computing power of ordinary computers has been far from meeting the demand of mining. At this time, the mining industry has developed vigorously, because chip design and manufacture - mining machine production and sales - mine operation and maintenance - mine construction has become a complete industrial chain.

Like the exploitation of oil, gold, coal and other resources, it needs to buy a lot of equipment, invest a lot of cost to build a mine, but the encrypted currency mining consumes more electricity. That's why many people resist the idea of mining, consuming a lot of energy just to get some virtual numbers. A veteran miner once calculated that, apart from the cycle of machine cost return, labor, site construction, the biggest cost is electricity.

Here are some examples

1. According to the different hardware, miners can be divided into ASIC miners, GPU miners, Yunnan miners, CDN miners and so on.

At present, the world's market share ranks among the top miners'power consumption;



2. According to Digiconomist, an encrypted digital monetary information website, BTC Bitcoin and ETH Ethernet mining consume more electricity than other small countries such as Jordan, Iceland and Libya, ranking 71st in all countries and regions of the world.

3. According to the Bit Window, the annual total power consumption of BTC Bitcoin mining is equivalent to that of Ireland, with a total of about 24 trillion watt-hours. It was also mentioned that mining with encrypted currencies consumed energy every six months in a cycle and doubled its consumption.

Through the above many examples, we can see that many ordinary computers do not move the mining program, one or two mining machines are also weak, and the energy consumption of mining is not generally affordable, the mining process is the process of upgrading mining machines, in order to improve the operational efficiency, cluster mines emerge as the times require, while driven by interests, some people will maximize their interests. They even take risks and choose to steal electricity.


So it can be seen that the main cost of energy mining is electricity and equipment cost, and electricity cost is the main head of the whole mine construction, so there are some smart mine owners in different parts of the world looking for the best site to build mines, trying to minimize the cost, where there are cheap electricity prices go, like migratory birds, they are rich in water. Hydropower is the main stage, while thermal power is the main stage in dry season.

At present, most of the mining depends on thermal power or hydropower, that is to say, coal resources and hydraulic resources, which become one of the prerequisites for mining site selection. This is the reason why most of the well-funded mines are built near water and thermal power stations, or cooperate with private water and thermal power stations, because where can relatively cheap power resources be obtained.

Because the energy mining machine consumes a lot of power, so the problem of heat dissipation and noise is very serious. We need to know that the energy mining machine needs a relatively constant temperature to run at full load, so this is the reason why most of the locations are located in the northern hemisphere with relatively high altitude and low perennial temperature, so as to ensure that the machine can dissipate heat quickly and solve the problem of noise pollution at the same time. The influence of civilian areas.


According to foreign media, 70% of the world's current calculation is located in China, with annual electricity tariffs as high as 100 million yuan.

So we are considering, if there are miners that do not occupy any energy resources, or use idle broadband resources at home, household electrical equipment resources for mining activities, will not be eliminated?

Here the editor will talk about OEPC

It does not waste any resources or pollute any environment.

OE Distributed Intelligent Cloud ecosystem encourages users worldwide to share idle resources such as bandwidth resources, computing resources and storage space of home computers and smart devices through block chain technology. Through OEPC mining machine sharing idle resources (CDN, traffic, space, storage, etc.) integration and utilization, to obtain stable benefits.


OEPC is different from all traditional energy mining machines and all kinds of cloud mining machines. It is more like a mini-portable computer host. Its volume is only the size of an ordinary router. Its diameter and thickness are 180 mm*33 mm. It is small in both mining circle and computer circle. But there is a saying that people can't look good, sea water is immeasurable, sparrows are small and have all internal organs. It has 120G. Solid-state hard disk and 4G dynamic memory, small size, low power consumption, high processing performance. Hanging those ASIC miners with rated power consumption: 1290W/h (0%-20%)-2100W+10% power consumption ratio: 93.12J/TH+10%-100W/T.

This is why China needs to consume a lot of electric energy for computer work to eliminate the mining industry. It will also accelerate the loss or even scrap of computer hardware. This is not in line with China's current sustainable development strategy of encouraging resource conservation, environmental protection and optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

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